Forget the Wild Atlantic Way – Dublin's Coast Looks Positively Ride-y In This Video

What a spot!

Bigging up Dublin's fair city is kind of our bag, but we have to admit that beyond the city the county has plenty more to offer in sheer natural beauty. Plenty of folks leave the city these days to visit the West with its mythic charm, but you don't need to go that far to get some breathtaking coastal views, as you can see in SkyCam Ireland's latest video.

The video features some glorious aerial shots of the islands Dalkey and Killiney, the surrounding lush greenery and romantic old stonework.

Sure who needs the Wild Atlantic Way when you've scenery like this right here?

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Seán Kenehan

Seán is known for eating, drinking and writing, making him uniquely qualified to work for Lovin Dublin. Seán enjoys skipping stones wistfully, puns that'd make a dad blush, and referring to himself in the third person.