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10th Nov 2019

Free bike lights will be handed out to anyone cycling in Dublin this week

James Fenton

Cycling in Dublin can be hazardous at the best of times but once the dark evenings draw in, things start to get that bit tougher.

That’s why it’s important, expecially at this time of year, to ensure that you’ve got all the hi-vis gear ready to go and that your bike has all the necessary lighting.

If you happen to be missing a couple of bits and pieces, Dublin Cycling Campaign will be on hand to help you out this week. The group will be handing out free lights in the city this week to anyone who is regularly cycling in Dublin or indeed anyone who only hops on a bike from time to time.

DCC volunteers will be out on the streets during the coming days so be sure to pull up if you need any additional lighting or if you just want to have a couple of spares.

A great initiative and one that will help anyone cycling in Dublin to become more visible to other road users, which can only be beneficial for everyone.

If you’re cycling in Dublin tomorrow, be sure to pick one up. More information about Dublin Cycling Campaign can be found here.

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