Fuppin' Freezin' - Temperatures As Low As -6°C Expected This Weekend

Ah lads...

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Oh yay, more cold weather, our favourite...

It looks like we may all need to make a hibernation plan, as Met Éireann are forecasting wintry showers, snow fall and sub zero temperatures over the coming days. 

Counties such as Donegal, Leitrim, Galway and Cavan have been issued with high snow-ice warnings as well. 

Over the weekend, temperatures are expected to fall to between zero and -6 degrees with freezing fog, while next week's forecast looking changeable:

There is still a high degree of uncertainty in next week's forecast between the possibility of the cold spell to continue to mid-week with frosty nights and mornings with icy conditions and cold, dry, sunny days but an equal possibility is that the Atlantic fronts could break through bringing in milder weather with some rain. 

Met Éireann website



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