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07th Jun 2018

PIC: This Horse Box Coffee Shop Popped Up In Dublin Today

Darragh Berry

Sick of your normal, day-to-day coffee shops? 

We hear you. It’s sunny outside and you don’t want to be balled up in a line inside, sweating buckets waiting for your daily fix.

We get you, and so does the owner of the cities newest coffee shop who decided to dust off that old horse-box that was in the shed and use it to distribute some caffeine for Dubliners…

Horse Box Coffee Shop

Reddit user pint-man spotted this on their travels today and just had to share it with the group. 

Of course, the horse jokes were coming thick and fast and we felt sorry for the bloke who’s actually serving the coffees…

“How many times a day is he going to have to listen to customers saying ‘Well horse’ thinking they are hilarious?”

“Stop horsing around with my coffee”, “I’ll have a latt-neighhhhh”. We’re going to stop the puns at that, you’re welcome. 

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