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15th Aug 2018

PIC: House Of Fraser Worker Bursts Into Tears After Customer Says This To Her

Darragh Berry

We were all shocked to hear that the lovable House of Fraser could be closing its Dundrum doors.

A source had originally said about the closure last week that:

“They know on Thursday if they will have to close. If nothing changes, than the store will shut in two weeks.

“All concessions got the warning last week that it’s possible.”

The retailer said in June that although 31 of its 59 stores are getting the chop, its stores in Dundrum and Belfast would be safe.

It has since emerged that Mike Ashley has bought all the UK House of Fraser outlets including the Belfast store but the Dundrum store is not part of the deal.

Then, on Monday it was announced that the store would no longer accept giftcards “until further notice.”

As you can imagine, that put a massive amount of pressure on the staff who were working and were confronted by angry and confused shoppers.

One person who entered the store was Sandra who admitted that one of the staff started crying as she asked her this question:

“In house of Fraser tonight in dundrum. I asked the young assistant how she was and did they have any idea about their jobs.

“She started to cry & said I was the first person to be nice about it to her all day. Irish consumers, the issues are not to be taken out on the workers.”

It’s worth remembering that no matter what is currently happening at the moment in Dundrum, the staff are trying their best to keep the show on the road; they are not the ones to be mad at.

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