Average House Prices In Dublin Have Jumped A Ridiculous Amount In Just One Month

Here's how much prices have increased in each section of Dublin


There's some word that begins with the letter 'B' when we hear news like this. The latest figures from the Central Statistics Office show that prices in the year to February have rose by 13%. 

The rise in the second month of the year was even faster than what was expected in the previous two months.

Dublin's prices have risen by 12.7% with those outside the capital climbing even further at 13.1%. 

The CSO found that the midlands has the greatest price growth at 14.8%.

The average price paid for a residential property in February was €291,000, up nearly €17,000 from the previous month.

In slightly better news, the national index is 22% lower than its highest level in 2007 with Dublin residential property prices 23% lower than their February 2007 peak.

Everywhere in Dublin has increased by over 10%:

  • South Dublin - 11.3%
  • Fingal - 13.6%
  • Dun laoghaire-Rathdown - 9.6%
  • Dublin City Houses - 14.2%
  • Dublin Apartments - 14.5%
  • Dublin Houses - 12.3%
  • Dublin All Residential Properties - 12.7%

You can find the full index from the Central Statistics Office here

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