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‘I Steal A €1,000 Bike And Sell It On For Maybe €20 or €50’

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It’s one of the most rampant problems in Dublin, and one that’s stopping would-be cyclists everywhere from ditching the car.

But bike theft is growing year on year – the best estimates place the annual figure at around 5,000, up from around 2,000 in the last six years – and it’s now at the point where gardaí have planted ‘bait bikes’ around town, fitted with tracking units, in order to catch the perpetrators.

Newstalk‘s Henry McKean took to the streets of Dublin today to examine the issue, and some of the revelations and stories about the two-wheeled thefts – from the reasons behind the surge in thefts, to the ease with which these guys are able to cut through cheap locks – are pretty startling.

Listen below, or click here.

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