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20th Dec 2016

Industry Innovators: Say hello to the individuals driving Ireland’s recovery


Last night in Dublin’s Odessa, we hosted our very first event – the first of many – and revealed a pretty exciting addition to Lovin Dublin, we hope you’ll agree. ‘Industry Innovators’ in association with Event Brite and ourselves sought to shed light on some of the more interesting and somewhat hilarious (Tom from Bunsen, we’re looking at you) success stories around Dublin and bring together those who’re as excited about the city’s rediscovered mojo as we are. Yes, I know, nobody’s said the word ‘mojo’ since Austin Powers, but it feels a pretty apt description of Dublin’s current energy, no? I’ll get my coat…

First up was the very affable brain behind Bunsen. If you haven’t tried their burgers yet, watch this video and you’ll be wanting one for breakfast. Tom’s story is one that would resonate with many a student who found themselves staring out college windows, focusing more so on their next feed than the lecturer in front of them. A stint in the US taught Tom that if there’s one thing the yanks do better, it’s a hamburger. And so, Bunsen was born.

Next up we had the lovely duo behind Forest Avenue, John and Sandy, who sought to serve great food in Dublin, without all of the snobbery and tight-arsed’ness that was once associated with great dining in the city. The food here is insanely good, trust us, we can vouch for it.

After John and Sandy shared their story of romance, we had Cera Healy, a young girl from Cavan who wound up as what she describes as the MD for Google in Ireland and ‘a really fantastic job’. Cera shared her thoughts on why Dublin is now a force to be reckoned with on a global scale and how it has in fact become a European competitor to America’s Silicon Valley. Not too shabby, if we do say so ourselves. By this point the positivity in the room was palpable.

From there it was time for Colin from 3FE to share his inspiring story of success, how he went from creating a makeshift barista’s paradise in his spare room to coming fourth (twice) in the World Barista Championships to owning his own coffee shop in Dublin that, if you’ve been there, you’ll know is so much more than your average cup of coffee. They roast their own beans too. Like the others, Colin sees nothing but good things to come for Dublin, as we rally together, the city rising from the ashes that were the past few years.

Wrapping things up was Renaud from Event Brite, who shared the ethos of EB and how events like this one serve to connect us, strengthen our relationships and further our respective businesses.

Then it was back to the main man Niall in his bright orange disco pants (well that’s what he likes to call them) to launch Lovin Box. Nope, it’s not a pornography spin-off to Lovin Dublin, it’s a concept of Niall’s and Lovin Dublin’s to make your lunch time that bit more exciting. All you need to know, you’ll find over yonder. And as with everything we introduce to Lovin Dublin, we’re always keen to get your feedback. We can take it!

To all who attended last night, we thank you.

x Lovin Dublin team x