Interested In Start Ups And Business? You Can't Afford To Miss This Event Next Week In The Olympia

Learn how to build great products

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There are hundreds of start ups and business events every single year in Dublin, and they can be seriously hit and miss, especially with the Web Summit gone.

That's why I'm so excited to see Inside Intercom, which looks like an absolutely world class event that's taking place next week in the Olympia.

For those not familiar with the company, they're the poster boys of the Irish start up and tech scene, with a company built here in Ireland approaching a billion dollar valuation. 

Sticking to their big thinking they've taking over the Olympia on May 31 and promise a night of inspiring talks about building great product. 

As with all these events though, I'd expect the networking over beers in the local bars among the Dublin tech and business scene to be the highlight. 

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You only have to look at some of the insane facts around the Dublin-based company to see that they're the real deal...

  • $115.75 million in total funding since 2011
  • $50 closed for their series C this year
  • Approaching 200 staff in Dublin alone 
  • Took over the old Anglo Irish Bank offices in symbolic move 
  • Over 10,000 customers
  • Tens of millions in revenue already 

While many events feature waffle and people who are hoping to succeed, the team at Intercom have actually done it, continue to do it, and have the results to back it all up.

They might exit for a few billion dollars, they might IPO. Whatever they end up doing they're a great example of what can be achieved by an Irish company who think big. 

All details about the event here.

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