Judge Has Refused Liquor Licence For Temple Bar Saying There Are Enough Pubs There Already

And she kind of has a point...

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A Dublin solicitor has been denied the licence to open a pub in Temple Bar, based on the fact that there are already enough licenced premises in the area.

Dermot O'Neill had applied for a licence to cater for an estimated 130 customers with Aston Hospitality Ltd.

According to The Journal, Judge Karen Fergus said there were enough pubs near 5 Aston Quay operating with seven day licences for that amount of people, and that another public house would just be unnecessary.

The full licence would have permitted Aston Hospitality to sell beers, wines and spirits on the premises. Judge Fergus represented a number of objectors who lived in the area.

“Of course there are pros and cons of city centre living but the residents have given evidence that their lives are being negatively impacted by the numbers of pubs that are already operating in the area”

Judge Fergus

What do you reckon - have we reached saturation point with pubs in Temple Bar? 

Let us know below.

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