PIC: A 'Celtic Phoenix' Cocktail Is Now Being Served In Dublin

The phoenix is rising so raise your glass

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About time...

A 'Celtic Phoenix' cocktail is now being served in Dublin proving that the boom is probably back.

With house prices rising faster than an estate agent can say Mullingar is the gateway to Dublin, Platform 61 on South William Street have crafted this delish drink incorporating their superb sense of humour with some well-needed alcohol to celebrate Ireland rising from the ashes. 

"The Celtic Phoenix rises, with lots of bubbles, a dash of German support and one free for Bertie!" 

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The drink features prosecco - the bubbles symbolising Ireland’s love of a good property bubble.

There’ll be a dash of coffee as Ireland graduates from a country with two types of coffee – Nescafe or Maxwell House, to one with more baristas than barristers. 

Finally, the cocktail will be topped with a leaf of kale to celebrate Ireland's '#fitspo' and 'clean' living craze as Ireland becomes more obsessed with fitness than an Olympic athlete. 

The Celtic Phoenix will be supported by a chaser of Germon liquor called 'The Angela' to give a nod to our overlord, ahem, sorry, we mean our European friend's support of Ireland during the recovery. 

Customers who can prove their name is Bertie will get a ‘dig out’ - AKA a free cocktail because what's more boomier than Bertie. 

The cocktail costs a tenner so it's time to grab one and party like a Ferrari-driving, Bulgarian-gaff-building, property developer falling out of Krystle in the noughties because the boom is back baby.

*Please note that while the cocktail is real and tastes surprisingly good, this description is purely in jest - Platform 61. 

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