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25th Jun 2021

Pick up some fancy treats for your doggo in Dublin 8

Fiona Frawley

After a long day of having to answer “who’s the best boy” for the hundredth time, your pup deserves a treat.

And if you’re looking for something a little fancy for your furry friend, Hen’s Teeth have you covered with these cute new snacks!

Never has there been a truer label – our little pals really DO deserve the best in life.

Hen’s Teeth have already firmly established themselves as dog lovers, they even hosted a special event today where you could get your portrait taken with your pup by a professional artiste! So we know these treats will have been lovingly prepared with all the nutritious and tasty ingredients your doggo needs. Definitely something to add to the basket when picking up some artsy prints or fancy hot sauces for yourself.

Their outdoor area is also a firm fave among Dublin 8 doggos, just look at this lil fella flaked out loving his life:

Definitely worth hitting up if you’re looking to treat your pup.

Header image via Instagram/Hen’s Teeth 

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