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PICS: These Massive Waves Crashed Over Howth Pier Yesterday

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It was wet, wild ‘n’ windy out there over the weekend. 

Particularly out in Howth, judging by these insane photos shared by Howth Coast Guard of the pier yesterday afternoon. 

You wouldn’t wanna get caught out there in those conditions. 

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The Irish Coast Guard in Dublin received calls reporting that people were in danger of getting swept off the pier and washed into the water. 

A unit from Howth Coast Guard responded and assisted people back to safety. 

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Howth Coast Guard have shared this important advice: 

“Remember if you see someone who may get in trouble on the beach, cliff or water call the COAST GUARD on 112/ 999, don’t delay or expect someone else to make the call.”

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Careful out there. 

Image credit: Howth Coast Guard 

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