This Italian Restaurant Is Harcourt Street's Newest Addition

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Everybody loves a bit of Italian, in fact its Irish people's favourite food, so the chances are you'll want to check out Di Luca.

Having opened in October, this spot has set up just around the corner from current chicken wing hotspot Wishbone.

The restaurant catches the eye of passers-by with its small patch of astroturf out front where diners can sit, while the inside is cosy with its marble fireplace and candles dotted about.

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Their dinner menu has all the Italian cuisine you know and love, and they also do brunch (brunch is our favourite) on Saturdays from 11am until 4pm.

What looks especially good about the place is their canapé menu, which includes crab bruschetta, black truffle risotto pots, and wild boar meat balls. 

Take a look at a few of their dishes below.

Di Luca 1
Di Luca 2
Di Luca 3

You'll find Di Luca at 10 Harcourt Street.

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