Redevelopment has gotten underway at Dalymount Park

By Fiona Frawley

September 28, 2022 at 1:14pm


The project will see capacity increased to 10,000 at the Phibsboro stadium.

In July of this year, Dublin City Council shared an update for the redevelopment, announcing that they would be asking the Design Team two consider two options:

  • A scaled back version of their initial proposal, known as Option 3a: a 6,000 Capacity UEFA Category 3 stadium to be shared by Bohemian FC and Shelbourne FC, which would include a new library and community facilities for Phibsboro. Estimated cost, €36 million. In December 2021, the preliminary design for this option was completed with an estimated cost in excess of €52m, which DCC described as "potentially unviable". There was also the added complication of Shelbourne FC announcing they no longer wanted to relocate to a redeveloped Dalymount Park, meaning a new one-club model would now be required.


  • Option 2 from the MCA Appraisal, which included
    • Leaving the pitch in the same position
    • Refurbishing the Jodi Stand
    • New Main stand on the north side of the site with community facilities with a potential capacity of @4,000-5,000
    • New covered terrace at the West end of the site with a potential capacity of circa @2,000
    • Small Terrace at East end of site with a potential capacity of circa @250/300

At this time, Bohs chief operating officer Daniel Lambert told the Irish Times:

"We are looking at plan B as lots of things have changed. When we were over in Union (Berlin) and there was roughly 18,000 at the game, 15,000 of them were standing. Uefa are reintroducing standing in lots of leagues.

Uefa banned standing areas at their competitions in the 1990s, following the Hillsborough Disaster where 97 Liverpool fans lost their lives in a human crush.

"If we can build a large terrace, I think it will create an atmosphere that is really special... We want a ground with a good atmosphere that gets as many people in as possible to enjoy a game of football. It’s important that fan experience comes first", he added.


While it has yet to be confirmed which model the design team has opted for, it would appear work on the new stadium has gotten underway already.

Dublin artist Sketchy Inc. sent us on this snap of old stands being knocked out at the historic grounds.

Via @sketchyinc

Bohemian FC have said they're confident that the plans to redevelop Dalymount Park will be completed by  January 2026.


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