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20th Dec 2016

Redevelopment Of The Clerys Building Has Been Given The Green Light

Alana Laverty

Dublin City Council has granted planning permission for the redevelopment of the historical Clerys building on O’Connell Street. 

The planned rejuvenation will include high-end retail units, a boutique hotel, modern office spaces, entertainment and leisure facilities, including dining and lively social venues, in the hopes of transforming the entire building into an internationally recognised destination in Dublin. 

The architects involved assure that the famous Clerys clock will survive the makeover – their aim is to restore and preserve what is considered one of Ireland’s greatest building.

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The proposed face-lift will work towards creating a focal point for both visitors and Dubliners alike in Dublin’s north city centre. 


And in terms of jobs?

Construction and development will deliver 1,073 jobs throughout the redevelopment and then 2,500 jobs will be on offer once the building and all its units are operational. 

The many planners, architects and people involved in the new scheme have had the same vision for the old Clery’s Building – for it to be a catalyst for O’Connell Street’s restoration and to be recognised as one of the great boulevards of Europe – something we back wholeheartedly. 

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A few exciting features to note:

  • The Clerys tearooms will be reinstated in the building, with lift access. 
  • A rooftop destination providing unrivalled views of Dublin City and bay. 
  • The transformation of Earl Lane into top retail units. 
  •  Increased safety in the area, with the aim of gaining a Purple Flag status in safety and quality retail, similar to that of Grafton Street and other internationally renowned streets. This award is given on the basis of security and safety in an area between 5pm at night and 5am in the morning – something they are striving towards. 
  • The creation of a new, high-quality, urban destination in Dublin. 

We look forward to seeing all this spring to action.

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