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09th Mar 2018

PIC: The Thousands Marching To Repeal The Eighth In Dublin Was Added To By This Plane Banner

Darragh Berry

On International Women’s Day on Thursday, the Cabinet approved a bill that will allow for the holding of a Referendum on the Eighth Amendment.

Thousands took to the street on the same day to have their voices heard and exercise their right to give their opinions on why the eighth amendment should be repealed. 

People came out in their droves to support the campaign and the city went into shut down mode as crowds of people took over the streets.

You can find loads of images from the march on Thursday here if you want to have a look. 

What was rather special about this particular march was that a small plane whizzed by in the sky with a banner that said the words: “Support Women. Repeal the Eighth”.

It was a first at one of these marches and many people missed it as it was only in the sky for a short period of time. 

However, Reddit user Baztastic was on hand to get a snap of the plane before it went out of sight altogether.

Plane Banner 8Th

Photo credit: Baztastic reddit

Were you at the march last night and if so, did you manage to spot this flying over head?