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Single Today? This Place Has Your Back With A ‘Blind Date’ That Won’t Let You Down

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Did you wake up this morning with a sense of dread and desperation at facing Valentine’s Day all alone? 

Well you shouldn’t have, because not only is the whole crammed ‘candlelit table for two’ thang overrated, there’s something else way better that can be the true love of your life.

Something that will never let you down, that smells like a comforting compressed forest (literally), that you can always go back to, even after years and years.

Yes my friends – I’m talking about the trusty book. <3

And it seems as though we’re not the only ones with an obsessive love for all things literary, as deadly independent book store, Books Upstairs, have come up with this absolutely genius ‘Blind Date’ idea.

On Facebook, the store says:

“This Valentines Day, why not go on a blind date with a book! 

Each eligible bachelor/ette is handsomely wrapped in its own personal ad, so you can choose a suitable blind date for either yourself or a loved one. 

All only €10 (cheap date!) “

It’s genius. Pure genius. And the only problem we foresee is trying to choose which book is right for you.

Will it be book number one?

“Join me for good Spanish wine and passionate flirtation that will lead nowhere.”

There is nothing we desire more than drunken disappointment.


Or maybe book number two takes your fancy?

“Looking for someone to love in all the wrong places.”

We have SO much in common with this book.


Let’s give it up forrrrrrrrr book number three!

“I’m sensitive and observant. I love animals and I love my mother”.

This book sounds like every single Irish man – instant romance.


Get yourself down quick to D’Olier St to check out the “full range of hotties”, and don’t worry, you won’t be left with the duds as they promise their recent additions are just as dreamy!

The BEST Valentine’s Day ever.

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