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06th Jan 2020

Six alternative fitness classes in Dublin to kick off the New Year

Alan Fisher

Here are six alternative fitness classes in Dublin to kick off the New Year.

New year, new me and all of that.

Exercise is always top of the list for new year resolutions but it would be up there for the one that fails the most.

Every gym is packed in January and come February/March they are back to their normal level of attendees.

The problem is that people don’t always enjoy the exercise they choose to do.

So I recommend trying out a few different types of exercise and see which one you enjoy.

Here are six classes happen so you can try and find your flavour:

1) Fityard

This is more of a one-day festival but a great chance to get involved in different types of exercise in one day including boogie bounce, HIIT, yoga, and BoxFit.

It will take place in Jam Park on February 15 and will include a host of workouts and talks.

They will kick off at 8am with Irish international rugby star Megan Williams, Olympian Niall O’Toole, Irish boxer Tony Browne and Daniella Moyles all on the lineup.

The live podcasts will be from The Entrepreneur Experiment and BandWagons.

Kids and family will then take over from 2pm with classes set out for them.

Grab your tickets here.

2) Twerk & Coffee

I mean, this could be your cup of tea.

I’m not ruling anything out in 2020 so you might even see me here.

Join Haelee Reis at Project revive on Sunday 19 with Sunday 12 already sold out.

Grab your tickets here.

3) Bujinkan Martial Arts

If you think you’d like to give martial arts a go but also thought it seemed too intimidating, this is for you.

You can tree a free class in Bujinkan Jishin Dojo.

All you have to do is register, which you can do here,  so they know you are coming.

4) Adult Beginner Ballet

It’s never too late to start.

Try out this eight-week term which is set out for people with little to no ballet experience at all.

It takes place on Sunday and starts January 12 so you better grab your place quick.

5) Egyptian Bellydance Classes

This class is for anyone who thinks they’d like to give belly dancing a go.

They have had students ranging from 2 – 83 years old. You don’t need to show your belly if you don’t fancy it and need no skill.

If you’re looking to enjoy this class you can do so on Monday’s in YMCA or Thursdays in Fierce Pole Fitness.

6) Trampoline Acrobatics Handstands

This is pretty cool.

Learning how to do handstands and some acrobatics at the Dublin Circus Project.

Maybe 2020 is the year we finally run off with the Circus.

Have fun trying some of these alternative fitness classes in Dublin and maybe you will find a new passion.

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