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10th Jun 2018

Dublin Area Living In “Third World Conditions” Over The Weekend

Darragh Berry

It’s big statement but after the weekend they’ve had to endure, they’re probably right to be angry and upset.

Residents in Skerries have said that they are living in “third world conditions” because they have been left without running water for days now.

The Irish Times got in touch with some of the locals in the area who called the restrictions “ludicrous” adding that “we can see the sea everywhere but we have no water – we are not getting a drop.”

“We’ve made many, many calls to Irish Water but they don’t seem to be taking it very seriously. I have never got a reply from the call centre number,” one resident claimed but Irish Water responded saying that is “urging those people to contact our call centre, particularly vulnerable customers, who are post-operation or who can’t leave the house and we will deliver the water to them.”

In a statement, Irish Water said that:

“We are asking customers in Skerries and surrounding areas to conserve water for the foreseeable future due to increased demand and reducing water levels in the Thomastown Reservoir.

“The current dry spell and increased seasonal demand are contributing to the reduced available supply of treated drinking water. In order to avoid widespread water outages it is necessary to carry out water restrictions on the water supply in the coming days.

“Restrictions will take place from lunchtime today, June 7, until 11am on Monday 11 June. The restrictions will be lifted for a period from 6am to 10am each day to allow tanks in homes and businesses to fill.

“The situation will be reviewed on Monday morning.

“During the water restriction periods the majority of homes and businesses will still have a flow of water to their properties however low water pressure may be experienced.

“A small number of properties i.e. those located on the extremities of the network or on higher ground may lose water supply during the restrictions.

“The following locations supplied with water from the Thomastown Reservoir are likely to be impacted by the restrictions:

  • Barnageeragh
  • Hamilton hill
  • Town Parks Newtown Parks
  • St Patricks close
  • Kellys bay
  • Skerries Rock
  • Parts of Downside
  • Greenhills
  • Millview
  • Hillside Gardens
  • Moran View and Hoar Park

“Alternative Water Supplies will be provided at the following locations:

  • At Newtown Parks near Dublin Road Junction
  • At Newtown Parks near Selskar Court Junction
  • At Skerries point Shopping Centre near Eurospar

“Customers in the Loughshinny and Skerries Road, Rush areas are also requested to conserve water.

“Please conserve water

“In an effort to minimise potential interruptions, customers are being asked to conserve water by refraining from watering gardens, washing cars, using power hoses and minimising their use generally.

“Every small effort to save water will contribute to maintaining supplies and benefit your entire community by reducing the likelihood of water restrictions. For more water conservation tips, visit our Be Water Smart page.

“To help conserve water, please report any leaks you see on the public network and repair any private side leaks in your homes and businesses to help restore water levels in the network. You can report any public side leaks online via our Report a Leak form or by calling the customer care helpline 24/7 on 1850 278 278.”

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