Slick New Club Night To Check Out Tomorrow Evening

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Sick of your average nights out of late, heading to the same club or pub each weekend? I think it's fair to say that Dubliners are gradually tiring of paying between €15 - €20 to see a "massive" international DJ play for a 2hr set in a crowded club. I previously wrote about another cool collective doing awesome immersive events across the city, of which I'm a big fan. And I'm glad to report that more quirky events are cropping up as the weeks go by, helping to change the landscape of nightlife in Dublin. One such event is called Palisade, and launches tomorrow evening in the cool surroundings of the upper floor of Hangar.


The premise behind Palisade is a simple one: to create a a hybrid night out, combining music and video within a club setting. Everybody loves a theme, and Palisade is set in the year 2222, so there will be seriously post-apocalyptic vibes throughout the venue: think "Blade Runner meets Waterworld, on a shit budget". Then again, none of us have ever been to the year 2222, so who knows what to expect as decor? Music on the night will be provided by the Palisade lads, accompanied by some Dublin-based DJs, keeping things very much local, and you can have a little listen to some of their chosen tracks on their Soundcloud here.


An amazing element to this Palisade event is how they did their promotion ahead of time. Using hard-drives and floppy disks with their logo emblazoned on them as totems for free entry, anyone that asked for one of them had to meet with one of the Palisade Wave Generator Boys beforehand to get one. In a world of monotonous 'Cheaplist Please' posts and technology-driven interaction, this makes things a whole lot more personal, and interesting. In reality, this simple gesture embodies exactly what Palisade is about.

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Tomorrow night will be an evening where people can dance to the weirder side of club music, listening to tunes that you wouldn't normally hear in your run-of-the-mill club, surrounded by weird visuals. So if hopping in a time machine and transporting yourself to the mysterious year 2222 sounds like something you're into, stall Palisade on Saturday night.

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Fíodhna Horan Murphy

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