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20th Dec 2016

So Non-Alcoholic Guinness Is Now A Thing And We’re Not Sure How We Feel About This


A new kind of non-alcoholic Guinness is now being tested out on markets in Asia.

Production of the new stout comes after Indonesia’s recent campaign to block the sales of beer in their supermarkets in order curb the country’s problem with excessive drinking.

The new drink, dubbed ‘Guinness Zero,’ is now being distributed across Indonesia.


Dear God that is tempting

This isn’t Guinness’ only foray into trying different variations of the classic stout, with recent attempts including Hop House 13 and Blonde American Lager. In 1979, they also released a low-calorie Guinness Light, which received a dismal reaction from the public.

While Diageo Ireland currently has no plans to launch the non-alcoholic batch of the Black Stuff in Ireland, if it proves a hit in Asia it might become a reality here as well.

But the question remains, would Ireland really want a non-alcoholic Guinness?