An 'IKEA Of Sports Equipment' Discount Store Is Coming To Dublin

The Dublin location of this very cheap store was revealed on Monday.

Decathlon Dublin

We can only imagine the queues for this place when it opens in the capital.

Sports gear + discount = major win. 

You may remember us telling you a few months back that there was a super cool, discount sports store opening in nine different locations throughout Ireland.

Oh, you don't remember it? That's awkward...

Anyway, moving on.

Decathlon was the store in question and the French company has the largest sporting goods retailer in the world. If it's any type of sports equipment, they definitely have it. 

Butttt, that's not even the best part. The range of stylish sportswear is also ridiculously cheap making it one of the most popular sports brands on the planet. 

Like we said at the time - "think yoga leggings for less than a tenner and runners on sale for as little as €3.69". 

"Decathlon stocks equipment and sportswear for more than 65 types of sports and fitness activities."

Absolute madness.

Well, the Dublin location of the new store has been revealed with Local TD, Noel Rock announcing on Monday morning that Decathlon is opening its first Irish store in Ballymun.

The new store will create up to 100 jobs as Dublin City Council have sold the site for €4.5m according to 98FM.

We really can't wait for this to open.  

However, while you patiently wait, you can have a scope of their products online here.

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