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26th Feb 2021

Spotted these unusual geese in Dublin? Experts explain where they come from and why they’re here

James Fenton

Amid all the fuss over travel restrictions, some visitors have been flying in from Canada without any calls for mandatory quarantine.

These guests to our city are known as brent (or brant) geese and have migrated over from Canada, just like they do every winter. They’ve been known to gather on North Bull Island but have been spotted taking in the sights in other areas of the city.

The experts at Dublin City Council Parks & Biodiversity have said that they can be seen on ‘playing pitches, estuaries and wetlands,’ completely defying current restrictions on outdoor gatherings…

Other areas in Ireland where brent geese tend to winter are Lough Foyle, Tralee Bay and Castlemaine Harbour. Keep an eye out because with spring coming in, they’re sure to be flying off again soon.

(header pic: Shutterstock)

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