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09th Jun 2018

VIDEOS: Dashcam Footage Shows Robber Searching For Money In Dublin Taxi

Darragh Berry

Dashcams have become an important part of taxis in the modern era. With cameras on the front and back, it’s easy to replay footage of crashes or near-misses as well as if a customer is giving you any trouble.

Although you hope it never happens, the dashcam is also handy for recording anyone who has broken into your taxi.

Dublin Taxi Drivers’ Facebook page shared this video on Friday which shows a man allegedly breaking into a taxi and looking for money.

The man seems to be searching the taxi and announces on the camera that there is “no cash” to be found.

The original post is from Perry Fu who said:

“Car thief in Dublin 15 please share and report if have this person detail to Blanchardstown Garda station thank you. Located but garda said need to wait to take any further action.”

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