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19th Nov 2020

The New York Times has run a piece on the ‘Save Dublin Zoo’ appeal  

Sarah Finnan

Dublin Zoo

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Appealing for the public’s help, officials at Dublin Zoo launched a Save Dublin Zoo campaign yesterday morning with the fund managing to surpass the €1million mark in just a matter of hours. 

Animal lovers across Ireland sprung to action yesterday after learning of the news that Dublin Zoo could face permanent closure without urgent monetary support. Confirming that they too have been hit hard as a result of Covid-19, the popular city zoo has been closed to the public for the majority of this year – losing out on all its usual streams of income as a result.

Confirming that the zoo could face permanent closure without urgent help, staff have said that immediate action is needed if they’re to stay open. Yesterday launching a Save Dublin Zoo fundraiser, the campaign amassed over €1milllion in donations in just a matter of hours.

Thanking the people of Ireland for the huge show of support, news of the appeal has since made its way across the water to America where even the New York Times has now reported on the call for help.

Saying that it’s widely regarded as a “national treasure”, the article goes on to report that Dublin Zoo has staked its claim as Ireland’s third most visited attraction, later describing the public reaction to the appeal as “immense”.

“For an island nation with a population of five million people, the response has been immense. Dublin’s mayor, Hazel Chu, was among those in the city who donated, and posted on Twitter about sponsoring a baby elephant.

“Irish celebrities and politicians have also thrown their support behind the campaign, writing lovingly of adopting giraffes and orangutans in the zoo’s care. Thousands of people also shared memories of childhood visits to the zoo, under the hashtag #SaveDublinZoo.”

Who’s to say Mayo man Joe Biden won’t be the next to donate?!

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