The Pathetic State Of Irish Hospital Food

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Most of us are super lucky and don't end up in hospitals but it is an unfortunate fate that many of us will face at some stage. You read stuff in the media about waiting lists and the horrendous hospital conditions but I think we have an innate ability to block out what we don't want to think about. My buddy Oliver Dunne who is a Michelin stared chef and a true gent sent me a few pictures today of pictures of the food being served in Irish hospitals. His wife has been sick for a couple of years and so he's been exposed to hospital food and was disgusted by it. I couldn't believe the standard because if you physically tried to make worse food you couldn't. This is what they are giving to the sickest people in Ireland right now. Surely we can do better than this? As Oliver himself tweeted me...

Irish Hospital food desperately needs to and can change quite easily. All it needs is a little effort and public support to make it happen

There are a lot of things that need fixing in this country. Giving people who are sick better, more nourishing food than this has to be number one. Pathetic. 


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Niall Harbison

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