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There Will Be A Pizza Party For The Homeless On Grafton Street This Evening

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Because, what brings people together more than pizza?

Pizza Sunday Club was originally set up to break down the social barriers between homeless people and the rest of the public. 

Today, Sunday (March 12) Pizza Sunday Club is teaming up with Life Styles and Homeless mobile run to bring you a pre-Paddy’s day event full of music, art, entertainment and, well, pizza. 

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Life Styles (check them out right here) will be hosting a Live Art Battle, kicking off at 7pm where to homeless artists will go head to head to create the best work of art they can in the space of 60 minutes. Whichever artist can get the most crowd cheers will be voted the winner.

Music will be provided by Midnight Therapy and Nobody’s Heroes with move by Mr Keith Plunkett.  

For those of you, like us, who can’t dance, then you can watch as Homeless Mobile Run brings Irish dancers from Flood school of Irish Dancers to entertain the crowd. 

The aim of the shindog is to shine a light on the positive that can be drawn from the negative, and that magic can be created from some good tunes, some cool people and some tasty pizza. 

The gig is for anyone and everything, these guys are all about inclusion. So if you’re the kind of person who likes to meet people you wouldn’t usually, then this is the event for you. 

Interested? Course you are.

Check out the Facebook event right here.

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