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20th Dec 2016

There’s A Greedy Goose And A White Moose Loose Around This Meeting Hoose


Discovery is just wonderful – and when it comes to Dublin, there’s nothing we like more than checking out new places to eat, drink and be merry.

So, in case you’ve already finished our last checklist, here are six places you need to take a gander at this weekend.

1. White Moose Head

This new place in Phibsborough serves pancakes that are, well, quite special.

We hardly to say any more than the word ‘pancakes’, do we?


2. Bridge 1859

Another new set of menus for you to feast your eyes (and mouths) on. We’re particularly intrigued by the The Bridge Salmocado (€12) on the brunch menu – consisting of an English muffin, chicory, beef tomato, smoked salmon, poached eggs and avocado hollandaise.

That’s right. Avocado hollandaise.


3. Osteria Lucio

The problem with sheer volume of new places opening in Dublin is that it can sometimes be tricky to get around to visiting everywhere – and such was the case with Osteria Lucio, the new Ross Lewis joint on Clanwilliam Terrace (in the spot formerly occupied by Pizza e Porchetta), which we finally got around to checking out and reviewing this week.

We recommend you do the same.


4. Mak at D6

Coeliacs, ye’re gonna love this. Mak, the utterly fantastic Chinese restaurant in Ranelagh, has just released a menu that’s 100% gluten free.

So if you’ve been missing out on the best parts of Asian cuisine, despair no more – you can get all your favourite starters like fried calamari or prawn tempura in a gluten-free batter, while they also do gluten-free udon noodles, Singapore style. Amazing stuff altogether.

You can check out the menu here.


5. Meeting House

The perfect spot for chilled food with a few cocktails, these guys have just added some amazing new items to their menu. Standout dishes include the Burmese prawn htamin gyaw (yes, that is spelled correctly… and no, we’re not ordering it because we don’t want to embarrass ourselves in trying to pronounce it), blackened organic chicken supreme with a honey garlic glaze and particularly the mini-Asian tuna burgers.

With all dishes priced at €9.99 – and €6.66 on Sunday and Monday – it’s pretty sweet value.


6. The Greedy Goose

Staying Northside, we recently covered the culinary wonders of Malahide – and this place was a particular favourite of our Deirdre. If you’ve not been up to the beautiful seaside town in quite a while, this might be the weekend to plan a visit.