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19th Apr 2022

There’s a petition to make the Viking Splash Tour 24 hours

Fiona Frawley

the viking splash tour on the water at Grand Canal Dock

Currently standing at 44 signatures.

Allow me to paint you a picture.

It’s 4 in the morning in Dublin City Centre. You’ve spent the night giving it socks to Westlife’s seminal When You’re Looking Like That and other undisputed bangers of a similar irk on the Coppers dance floor. You’ve hit up Babylon for the obligatory end-of-night garlic cheese chips, but aren’t ready to call it a night. As we know, the idea of extending nightclub opening times til 6am has been floated, but not yet confirmed. So as it stands, you need to find somewhere to keep the party going.

If only there was a place for Dubliners to frequent at any time of day or night…. say, somewhere yellow, inflatable, where viking hats are required for entry?

A bit of a bizarre pipe dream, but one that genuinely does exist.

There’s a petition by one Prazskay Papai, calling for Dublin’s Viking Splash Tour to run 24 hours a day.

The petition, which was originally started 2 years ago but has been recirculated again today, reads:

Picture if u will the barge of the Viking splash crashing into the Liffey… only at 3am… the dark provides an air of mystery, maybe even romance. Could get dangerous when shouting at people late at night from it so tour guides would need to be armed.

An insurance claim waiting to happen, but definitely an interesting idea. If you’d like to sign the petition yourself, you can do so HERE.

Header image via Instagram/vikingsplash

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