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10th Jan 2017

These Are Top 10 Cheat Meals In Dublin

Alana Laverty

#Fitspo this, new-year-new-me that. 

January is the month of non-indulgence; cutting back, toning up and cracking down. 

But a whole month without a cheat meal would be a very sad month altogether. 

So why not save up some calories and book into one of the following Dublin establishments for the best cheat meal of your life. 

Here are the 10 best cheat meals to gorge on when you’re feeling a wee bit naughty

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10. The Pornburger – Cleaver East 

180g rare breed pork and sausage burger with black pudding, bacon purée, scrambled egg, confit balsamic beef tomato with a chive and potato cake. 

Absolute madness.

At €17.95 this is as serious as it gets. 

9. Nachos – Dillinger’s 

Sour cream, guacamole, chips and chilli beef = a recipe for absolute success. 

You’ll be rolling out of Dillinger’s with the biggest food baby of your life. 

8. Pork belly mac ‘n’ cheese – Woollen Mills 

Quite possibly the most indulgent dish in all of Dublin with rakes of cheese, cream and plenty of pulled pork. At €17 it ain’t cheap, but it really is enough for two people and it comes with bacon marmalade. Yes. 

You can also get it sans meat for €16. 

7. Wings – Elephant and Castle 

If there’s one meal you feel guilty af after, it’s wings.

And if you’re gonna cheat you may as well go the full hog and hit up Elephant and Castle

You haven’t lived until you’ve tried these wings. 

6. Chocolate fondue – Whitefriar Grill 

€7 for one person or €9 for two – this is indulgence at its best

Rich melted chocolate over a flam with homemade marshmallows, peanut butter fudge, pineapple and strawberries for dipping. 

Cheating never felt so good. 

5. Calzone – Il Corvo

What is it about folding a pizza that just makes it SO much better?

Il Corvo do an excellent calzone, but oh boy, it’s calorie dense. From the dough to the heaps of cheese and other toppings.

Arrive with an empty stomach 

4. Butter chicken – Pickle 

At €23, this dish ain’t cheap but it is oh so rich and delicious. 

It doesn’t even compare to the butter chicken of your local Indian takeaway. Throw in some naan, rice and raita – you won’t be able to move. 

3. Pizza – Manifesto

Some of the biggest and best pizzas in Dublin 

2. Coco pops crunchy french toast – San Lorenzos

We’ve mentioned this dish countless times. But only because it REALLY lives up to its reputation.

It’s an absolute revelation. It comes with salt caramelised bananas, peanut butter, mascarpone whipped cream and Belgian chocolate sauce. I’m just going to call it now: this is the unicorn of the Dublin cheat meal scene and it will make all of your wildest dreams come true! 

1. Double cheeseburger – Bunsen 

Bunsen, glorious Bunsen.

One burger really can cure all. The cheat meal of all cheat meals: a double cheeseburger with double the beef, shoe string fries and a chocolate shake. 

You just cannot beat it. 

Feeling hungry? 

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