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11th Feb 2017

This American Doesn’t Think We Appreciate Our City Enough


Sometimes when you’re so used to something, you start to take it for granted.

That’s what one American who messaged Humans of Dublin reckons, anyway.

The person, who didn’t give their personal details, said:

“I have held citizenship in both the US and Ireland since birth (from family) and have wanted nothing else but to move here since I was 13-years-old. After suppressing the urge to make the plunge for years I finally said fuck it! I quit my job in Portland, Oregon and moved to Ireland.

As an American lucky enough to have Irish citizenship I can’t tell you how much seeing your page meant to me. 

I hoped I wasn’t the only one who loved Dublin as much as I do. 

I had wanted to move here for years and was afraid I had built the city up so much in my head that the actuality would be disappointing. Oddly enough it has been the opposite.

Every day I am lucky enough to traverse this city. I’ve never seen such a great country. 

I loved Portland and still do, and Dublin is very similar. The difference is that Portlanders recognise how precious their city is while the Irish (in my skewed perception) take Dublin for granted. 

I walk every day through people, buildings, accents, smells, and misty sunlight that bleed Ireland, yet few but me notice it. I walk past castles, monuments, bridges, and shops that make me remember why I moved here in the first place. All of this makes me happy. I love it here so much.”

Well, if they’re looking for people who love Dublin, then our site is proof that they definitely exist.

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