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20th Dec 2016

This Clown Was Creeping Around Dublin Last Night


You might have heard about the recent spate of clown sightings around the world that has been leaving people feel ever so slightly on edge. They’ve been happening all over America in the last few weeks.

The bad news for anybody worried about this rather strange phenomenon is that it appears to have reached this side of the Atlantic and in particular, Darndale in Dublin last night. 

Facebook lit up with people spotting a clown around the Dublin suburb last night and the vast majority of them are absolutely losing their shit with fear as they try and make sense of it all.

Screen Shot 2016 10 04 At 07 33 45
Screen Shot 2016 10 04 At 07 33 18
Screen Shot 2016 10 04 At 07 33 55

As you can see in the original post below, whoever the clown is, they have gone to serious effort. 

We’ll leave it up to you to decide if this is just somebody have a laugh, perhaps a performer who has taken a wrong turn from the circus after work or indeed something more sinister. 

Screen Shot 2016 10 04 At 07 39 58

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