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13th Aug 2021

This Dublin Bus Driver is going viral for his gas TikToks!

Fiona Frawley

Ah, we love a viral TikTok sensation. Especially when they’re one of our own.

Also, we’ve recently been enjoying a deep dive into the world of Dublin Bus TikTok. Sounds niche, but we promise it’s a thing.

That’s how we came across our latest fave Richie Pardo, a Dublin Bus driver who’s casually earned himself nearly 3 million likes for his hilarious vids about life in the driving seat.

He answers life’s important questions, like how do you get into that wee driving cabin?

He gives us the lowdown on what really happens when drivers swap over:

He takes us through the trials and tribulations of 40 year olds trying to get away with a child leap card:

And shares with us the true heartache of waving to a bus driver and having him not wave back:

I can’t lie gals, I’ll be absolutely star struck if this guy ends up being my bus driver one day. Trying to get away with a child fare, but in front of TikTok royalty? Now that’s a story for the grandkids.

Header image via TikTok/Richie_Pardo

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