Today's Daily Specials: Doughboys' Delish Mojo Cubano Sambo

Hurry up lunchtime!


Ah Wednesday, the hump of the week as we crawl our way towards the weekend. Treat yourself by grabbing some lunch out today, and making the day go by quicker! Here are some of the daily lunch specials and rotating menus on offer from around the city.

Get stuck in!

Pick Of The Day

  • Doughboys' Mojo Cubano: Mojo marinated pork marinated in orange, lime, garlic and coriander, baked ham, homemade mustard, Swiss cheese, dill pickles served on a white roll from Arun Bakery - €6.50

Available for the month of August.

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    Slice D7

    • Potato and miso with caper and herb oil - €5.00
    • Sloppy joe with smoked Gubeen cheese on a floury bap - €7.50
    • Chorizo, chickpea and red peppers in chipotle sauce with poached eggs and sourdough toast -€8.90

    The Cake Café

    • Rich and sticky chocolate cake - €3.90 per slice

    Cracked Nut

    Supergreen Soup: Broccoli & Kale with ginger and herbs.

    Soup: Spiced red lentil with roast carrot and coriander

    Soup with sandwich - €7.50

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    Want your restaurant of café to be featured in tomorrow's specials listings? Emails before 10.30am with name of dishes, prices, and photos!

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    Fíodhna Horan Murphy

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