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14th Sep 2018

PIC: Girl Describes Creepy Proposition Made By ‘Trinity Boy’ To Get Her “Home After Night Out”

Darragh Berry

The art of chatting someone up is a difficult one. So people say all the right things, others just have the look and a small chunk have both – we hate those type of lucky people.

But we don’t think that this Trinity lad’s chat up line on this girl would work in any county, or any country for that matter.

She describes how she was “forever scarred” after a boy from Trinners told her how the night would go down if she went home with him.

She said:

Forever scarred by trinity boys after one asked me home after a night out by promising ‘cheese, wine and ‘naughty things’ they’re honestly a different breed.”

Cheese and wine is tempting but you have to be a bit more specific. What sort of cheese you bringing out, is it going on a toastie or not, red or white wine m8?

But, anyone who says that they want to do “naughty things” following what seems to be a civilised cheese and wine party, just seems kind of weird.

This week we also found out Trinity’s “most popular” drug and honestly, it wouldn’t be in your top five guesses.

In an in-depth interview with the college publication, a former drug dealer told them that he eventually had to stop selling because he got depressed and started abusing drugs at an “alarming rate.”

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