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14th Oct 2019

WATCH: Dublin man leaves mourners in tears of laughter from beyond the grave

Sarah Finnan

Funerals are generally not a cause for laughter; there’s a reason why the lyric “I’m the giggle at a funeral” is contradictory.

But it seems that Dubliner Shay Bradley was not in agreement, having planned his very own ‘funeral prank’.

Wanting to make sure mourners were wiping away tears of laughter, rather than sadness, his antics have gone viral and he has become somewhat of an internet sensation.

The dad of four, and granddad of eight, recorded a clip of himself seemingly speaking to friends and family from beyond the grave.

In the video, Shay’s voice can be heard shouting “let me out…it’s dark in here”.

Hoping that he could bring a little happiness to an otherwise very sad affair, he obviously had an amazing sense of humour.

Watch the video below and try not to smile. What a man.

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