WATCH: This Drone Video Shot In The Docklands Proves Just How Hard Dublin Fire Brigade Work

Incredible work at an impressive speed

This is incredible. 

Dublin Fire Brigade have shared this video of a scenario they practiced involving a mock medical emergency down in Grand Canal Dock. 

With the of help crews from Viking Splash Tours, Dublin Fire Brigade were able to practice this vital scenario, which hopefully they'll never have to perform in real life. But that they are now fully capable of doing if the time ever comes. 

Watch as rescue swimmers glide through the water at an impressive speed to the marooned boat which they then took control of and moored onto the quay before transferring the patient to solid land. From there we see the paramedics and crews move in. 

No messing around there — we are in awe, lads. 

Practice makes perfect. And perfect, they are. 

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Alana Laverty

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