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This Is The Most Ridiculous Rental Listed In Dublin Right Now

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This has GOT to be a f*cking joke. 

One of our readers has brought this absurd listing on Daft.ie to our attention, and we can’t quite believe what we have just read. 

Firstly, there is only one photo included on the listing — how very helpful. 

Secondly, the listing itself is simply preposterous. 

Based on Reuben Street in Rialto, Dublin 8, this double bedroom in a “family home” can be all yours for a mere €875 per month. 

And while that does generously include bills, breakfast and dinner made for you, some of the terms and conditions are straight up ridiculous:

  • One shower per day
  • Sunday evening to Friday evening only — so sort yourself somewhere to sleep on Friday and Saturday nights
  • One laundry wash per week (wonder does it include drying?)
  • Females only (preferably a “warm, friendly, mature female who is family friendly”)
  • Must have good personal hygiene (obv)
  • Two references, passport ID and banking details for one year are required 
  • Must “be able to maintain a positive relationship with the family”


A word of advice: make your listing appealing to renters, and go into the hygiene specifics at a later date. 

And as for the showers? Like what if you want to shower in the morning before work or college, and then you go to the gym later and want to shower when you get home? Like, c’mon. 

The lease is for 12 months or more and this room is available immediately if this actually appeals to you. 

See the listing in full here

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