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13th Aug 2017

We Are Head Over Heels Obsessed With This Very Different Bray Restaurant

Alana Laverty

*Disclaimer: the following images could lead to copious drooling, dizziness and severe hunger pangs.*

Proceed at your own risk. 

From the people behind Box Burger, Platform Pizza and Pow Bao – we bring you… 

Fish Bar

Img 3993
Img 4064

*Cat not included. 

Located in the beloved Harbour Bar in Bray, Fish Bar opened back in February and has been cooking up a storm ever since. 

These guys can do no wrong. 

Img 3923

Fish Bar is open four days a week – from Thursday to Sundays. 

It’s headed up by two passionate seafoodies and culinary comrades, Colm and Shaman who say:

“We set up Fishbar for sel-fish reasons, as there was no place locally to get fresh seafood and living in a seaside town – that’s just not good enough.”

The menu at Fish Bar is very vast and varied – something for everyone. 

Expect the likes of: oysters, fresh smoked salmon, prawn tacos, crab rolls, fish burgers, traditional fish ‘n’ chips, sweet potato crab cakes, beef burgers and smoked salmon and chorizo nachos. 

The lads love to source local with Wicklow Wolf Brewery beer featuring as a key ingredient in Fish Bar’s batter. Eh, yum?

“We have lots of great ideas for Fishbar for the coming months, including al-fresco supper clubs and fishing excursions.”

We can tell you from personal experience that these are no ordinary supper clubs – they are food-worshipping banquets.

Colm and Shaman also love to experiment with whatever they can source on the daily so specials change up on the regular. 

Locals can also order via Just Eat!

Their first summer in Bray has been a very exciting one so make sure to pop out and say heyyy before it’s over!

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