Dublin Cafés, We Want You To Let Customers 'Pay With Poetry' This Monday. So Who's In?

Cafés across the world are taking part in the World Poetry Day exercise – and we don't want our city to be left out

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Hey there, cafés of Dublin. Want to be part of something really deadly?

Of course you do.

Next Monday is World Poetry Day – a day that, for some of us, could well slip past unnoticed. And what a shame that would be.

After all, there are few better ways of expressing human emotion in such a raw and true form – and as we all know, that's certainly something we Irish could stand to do a little bit more.

That's why we're pretty intrigued by this project from coffee distributors Julius Meinl, to allow customers to "pay with a currency better than money: your emotions".

According to the company:

On March 21st, World Poetry Day, we let our imagination wonder. We dream of a place where money is replaced by emotions. A better world. For one day, we’re changing the currency in coffeehouses around the globe. And Julius Meinl coffees or teas will be paid with your poems.

The only problem? Meinl have very little (if any) presence here in Ireland, and so the map of participating outlets looks a little sad from an Irish point of view.


So why don't we just do our own thing here in Dublin?

Our thoughts exactly.

Dublin cafés, this is your time to shine. 

We want you to let people pay for their teas and coffees using a poem this Monday

It sounds a bit mental, and it probably is – because we know margins are tight.

So maybe you'll just do it for the morning, or lunchtime, or maybe you might want to leave a voluntary donations bucket on the counter. That's absolutely fine.

But if it truly is optional, and if people really can pay for their coffee simply by writing their words, emotions and selves on a piece of paper and handing it into you... well then we're on to something seriously amazing here.

If you want to participate...

Let us know on news@lovindublin.com – and if there are any takers, we'll draw up a list and publish it before the day.

It will get people through your door, and more importantly, it will get people involved in that most wonderful activity of all: creating something from nothing.

So. Who's in?

So far, we've got:

  • Sasha House Petite, Drury Street
  • Clement and Pekoe, South William Street
  • Il Posto, St Stephen's Green
  • Two Pups Coffee, Francis Street 

Want to join them? Just email news@lovindublin.com!

Written By

Aidan Coughlan