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Early Doors

30th Sep 2019

Double8 Is An Unreal New Dumpling Spot In The Heart Of Bray

Alan Fisher

Oh yes, ladies and gentlemen, we are back with a new addition to our Early Doors series.

We check out new openings for Early Doors and give you insight into what’s up.

This week we took a short trip out to the beautiful little seaside town of Bray to have a look at Double8, a brand new dumbling spot.

Double8 just opened up in Bray a couple of weeks ago and it is off to a flying start.

I have become obsessed with dumplings since I got to check out Lucky Tortoise when it opened up so did they live up to the hype?

I can confirm they did.

The menu is small but the quality is amazing.

I got to try everything on the menu which was pan-fried pork soup dumplings, vegan shiitake and teriyaki dumplings, and spice bag kung po chicken dumplings.

All of which were to die for but I think my favorite was the spice bag chicken ones as there is so much flavor to them.

I was all of it down with some jasmine tea until the big surprise of the day came.

Banoffee Dumplings. Yes, I know.

I didn’t really know what to think when I saw them on the menu but they were insane.

A mix of caramel and chopped banana stuffed into the dumpling before it is fried and then topped with salt.

When you try them as they are hot, the caramel oozes out into your mouth and the salt works too well in the combination.

I will definitely be back for them

Double8 is located in the Arcade in Bray so you can park in the Holy Redeemer car park as you run in for some dumps.

There is limited space to sit in but it’s really slick inside with wooden chairs and a cool neon sign.

Cover image credit: @eatdrinkjkt on Instagram