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Early Doors

29th Feb 2020

A quirky new dive bar has just opened up in Dublin

Alan Fisher

A quirky new dive bar has just opened up in Dublin adding something a little different to the city and you are going to love it.

Not only does it have cool but it also has insane toasties that you must try.

Say hello to AntiSocial:

Just look at those toasties.

And yes, they taste as good as they look.

Antisocial is based at 101 Francis street and it was recently opened up by Bingo loco, sequence events, and Marcus O’Laoire.

It’s self-described as a friendly neighborhood dive bar focused on genuine hospitality with a great beer and wine selection and banging Toasties.

The toasties are a hand-selected blend of Irish farmhouse cheeses, grilled on a buttered grill.

I tried the three-cheese toastie and the ham and cheese toastie.

Both of which were dripping with cheese as you can see from the video and both were extremely tasty.

I’m not normally a fan of cheese by itself but the blend of all three adding their own flavor really did it for me.

They also serve up some amazing drinks including espresso martinis on tap and we are all here for that.

AntiSocial also promises to be the place to be with weekly events set to be released which will include Antisocial bingo, table quizzes, Marcus’s wine & cheese club and more

There will be DJs on Fridays and Saturdays playing everything from notorious BIG to Elton John to the cranberries and much more. Personally, I love that mix where you never know what’s coming next.

On Sunday they have their rollover party from 12pm with loads going on including stick and poke tattoos from squidink if you fancy it, and megamosas which is a one litre Mimosa. Wow.

AntiSocial, Dublin’s new dive bar, promises to live up to its name by doing things outside of the box.

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