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21st May 2019

Kanye’s Favourite Drink Has Arrived In Dublin And It’s UNREAL

Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

With summer just around the corner, I’ve been on the lookout for the biggest trend this year and I THINK I may have found it…

Last week, I attended the Wine And Cheese Festival launch party in Eatyard and on arrival I was presented with a cerise pink can of wine.

Now I know what you’re thinking… wine in a can?

There’s nothing my inner-snob detests more than those tacky cans of pre-mixed rum and coke or gin and tonic. There’s usually more sugar than craic in them too.

This can however sent my tastebuds on a journey.

A journey, I tells ya!

Say hello to Ramona – the HOTTEST drink of 2019.

Ramona is a grapefruit flavoured wine spritzer. It’s been getting a lot of traction over in the states after the likes of Kanye and Rihanna confessed their undying love for it.

This captivating can is a mixture of white wine, grapefruit, organic grape must and plenty of fizz. It’s everything you want from a summer drink – sweet, citrus, a little bitter and super refreshing.

Coming in at 7.5%, it also means it’s easy on the head.

The branding is super cool too with a retro 1980’s vibe. The cans are tall and thin, bold and bright.  As an added bonus, all the ingredients in the drink are sustainable.

Ramona has finally hit the shelves in Dublin and I’m absolutely buzzing about it.

The cans will be on sale in Jam Park from next week, they will also be at The Wine & Cheese Festival in August and they will appear in all Bodytonic bars over the next few weeks.

Wine spritzer cans in The Shaw is an absolute summer vibe.

Cheers to that!