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24th Jun 2021

These ice cream sambos are next level!

Fiona Frawley

The flavour options for these ice cream sambos really are something else.

The options at Cold Bois are so much more than ye olde raspberry ripple in between two wafers (even though we are partial to one of those every now and then). These guys are new on the scene and you can find them at Camden Yard on Friday evenings or  St. Annes Market in Raheny on Saturdays. They’re passionate about coming up with weird and whacky flavour combos, vowing to try out “every single combo you can think of… until the ice cream machine breaks” on their insta. Big talk, but they’re backing it up so far!

Cereal milk is having a moment right now (was it ever not?) and Cold Bois have created this delish ice cream version sandwiched in between two milk biscuits.

If you’re not in a breakfasty mood you can go for the iconically named dulce and banana – banana ice cream with a dulce swirl with caramelised white choc biscuits. Oh baby.

Then for the coffee lovers among you there’s the Cold Brew – Vietnamese coffee ice cream with caramelised pecans and white chocolate/browned butter biscuits… told you the flavours were next level!

These guys are perfect for a sunny weekend treat, and seeing as they’re coming up with new flavours all the time we’ll definitely be repeat customers. Can’t wait to try them all!

Header image via Instagram/Cold Bois 

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