7 Places To Get Brunch In The Sunshine This Saturday

Roof gardens and terraces – now's your time to shine


You want the brunch.

You want the sun.

So why not have both?

1. Drury Buildings

With its industrial brick facade, you wouldn't think of this as a place to lounge in the sunshine. But hidden out the back is perhaps the most beautiful terrace space in Dublin – a veritable little paradise, hidden amidst the buzz of the city.

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2. Farmer Browns, Rathmines

It's not that there's anything wrong with the Bath Avenue joint – but it's north-facing, and you can sit in the shade any damn weekend.

The new Rathmines restaurant has even more space out front, and it's west-facing, meaning you'll get ample sunshine from around 1pm onwards. And the food? Well, we'll let this pic do the talking...


3. Lolly and Cooks, Herbert Park

For the grab-and-go option. 

Down by the tennis courts and the playground, a spot where you can be assured of getting the most sensational salads in Dublin (not to mention those savage rolls, which take the humble sausage roll to new levels) – and where you'll never be short of places to sit in the sunshine.


4. The Bay, Clontarf

We've raved about the views from here on multiple occasions. And if you haven't made it north to this spot yet, now is most definitely the weekend to do so.

An extensive menu, a which is really what brunch is all about.


5. The Happy Pear, Greystones

Never has sitting alongside the main street of a large town seemed more appealing.

Having rounded up the masses for a swim at 4.45am earlier in the week, the Flynn twins themselves will be busy at Bloom this weekend. But if you've been watching these guys for a while and looking for an excuse to check out the flagship, well... you know what to do.


6. Bread and Butter, Drumcondra

A much-overlooked gem. 

Bursting with personality, and fabulous food, this boasts a really gorgeous area out front that will bring you all the happiness.


7. Happy Food, Camden Place

'Hemp burgers' sound like something you'd make up to take the piss out of a vegan, but there's no joke here – these are very, very special creations.

Alongside the avocado and tomato rustic sourdough toast, you've got a killer menu on offer for their Saturday brunch – and with a beautiful sun-trap of a courtyard to sit in, you're on to a real winner.


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Written By

Aidan Coughlan