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15th Jan 2018

A New And Unique Boojum Is Opening Its Doors In Dublin And You Need To Try It

Darragh Berry

Boojum has confirmed that it will be opening yet another restaurant in Dublin but this time, however, there’s going to be a twist.

Introducing ‘Turbo Boojum’. 

The new store in Dublin will open in the IFSC and they hope that it will become the fastest burrito bar in Europe.

What’s so different? Well, customers have the option of placing their order and paying for their meal on a screen at the front of the store.

Then, they just wait at the collection point for their food.

Or, if you’re not fond of change, you can just order as you normally do but be safe in the knowledge that the queue won’t be as big because of the new ordering machines. 

“We asked our customers recently what was important to them when visiting a Boojum store. After food quality and customer service came queue speed , which is primarily driven by payment speed,” said Nuala McMenamin, marketing manager.

If the shop is successful in the capital, which we think it will be, Boojum will start rolling out this layout in shops throughout the country. 

Now, you’ll be able to get that burrito before you have time to say “Jaysus, I’m fecking starving”.

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