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03rd Aug 2023

Think you can eat six toasties in 30 minutes? Here’s your chance to prove it

Katy Thornton

eat six toasties

Oh capitaño mi capitaño

If there’s something that catches our attention, it’s a food eating contest. Be it burgers, pizza, hot wings, you name it, we’re kind of obsessed. Hell, our very own Fiona Frawley judged an onion eating contest in March – what can we say? It fascinates us, perhaps because every time, without fail, I think I could easily do whatever the challenge is (I’m sure I am wrong about this but I live in blissful denial of my ability to put away a serious amount of food).

Hence why The Lab’s new eating challenge has us so tickled. The competitive eater that can put away six of their El Capitaño toasties within 30 minutes will win €100 for their trouble.

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This means you’ll have to put away approximately one sandwich every five minutes until you have eaten all six. There is an entry fee of €10, likely to account for the six toasties you’ll be gobbling up, meaning you will make a €90 profit if you complete the challenge.

Think you can show everyone how it’s done?

Get in touch with The Lab to sign up. They are based at Raheny United FC seven days a week.

Header images via Instagram / The Lab


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