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01st Jun 2021

19 spots to get your iced coffee fix this weekend

Sarah Finnan

Iced coffee

Iced coffee season is well and truly here and I’m all for it. There’s little I love more than coffee and sunshine. 

*Updated June 2021

We all know how I feel about coffee – to put it simply, I’m a fan. However, much as I love a steaming hot cup first thing in the morning, soon as the sun peeks its head around the clouds, I’m over to iced straight away.

Living in Ireland, we only get a limited window of opportunity to enjoy such delights, so ya gots to indulge while ya can.

Not everywhere has added them back on the menu just yet but below are 19 Dublin spots where you’ll definitely get your iced coffee fix this weekend.


You’ve heard us (ok, me specifically) rant and rave about their dulce de leche pancakes before… but have you tried their dulce de leche iced latte? YOU HAVEN’T? Better fix that ASAP.



Not only can you pick up these iced lattes in-store, but you can also get them delivered to your door! You can now order 1 and 2 litre jugs of their iced coffee mix so you never have to be without it. Working from home during the summer just got a little more exciting!

Two Pups

Two Pups have a very tasty looking Vietnamese iced coffee that’s just begging to be tried.

iced coffee


If ya fancy a cheeky tipple and caffeine boost, this Salted Caramel Bailey Iced Coffee is your only man. Get yourself down asap, and don’t even pretend you won’t be getting a treat to go along with this baby!

Goat’s Gruff

If you’re in and around the Strawberry Beds, you’ll already be familiar with this spot. They serve up whopper pizzas, sambas and oh lordyyyy their icys are top notch.

Meet Me In The Morning

If you’re a ‘whatever the weather’ type iced coffee drinker, then Meet Me In The Morning most definitely needs to be on your radar as they serve theirs all year round.

South Bank Cafe

This very aesthetically pleasing spot is relatively new to the Dublin scene, but they’re already making coffee waves!

Kennedy’s Food Store

Dotted across Fairview, Clontarf, Raheny and Phibsboro, why not go organic with Kennedy’s organic iced coffee. You can even get a caramel latte with their homemade caramel sauce!


Iced coffees from now until forever? Count us in. You’ll find this beauty at Hush in Rathmines.

Honey Honey Café

Honey honey, how iced coffee thrills me, a-ha.

Shoe Lane

Proving that they’re very much ‘down with the kids’, Shoe Lane has even made a TikTok showing how they make their iced latte.

@shoelanecoffeeIced latte anyone? ##icedlatte ##dublin ##dublincafe ##dailycoffee ##coffeetiktok ##ireland ##specialtycoffee ##icedcoffee ##sunnydublin♬ The Less I Know The Better – Tame Impala

One Kinda Folk 

Possibly the dotiest little coffee spot in all of Dublin, One Kinda Folk has all bases covered when it comes to cold drinks – would recommend their iced matcha though, if you’re in need of a change.

East Village @ The Round Tower

You can go basic with an Iced Caramel Latte, but why not live life on the edge right? But, personally we’d be trying the Ginger Lime Cold Brew Coffee!


Vanilla Ice said it first, then Jedward and now Hatch. Ice, ice baby, am I right?

Fable + Stey

Go for the treats, ‘stey’ (haha… get it?!) for the iced coffee. Add milk or don’t, whatever you’re into.

Fools N’ Horses Coffee

A drive through, just where you need it – off the Walkinstown Roundabout. If there was ever a spot to gather your thoughts after making it through that roundabout, an Iced Latte here would be it!


Another place for the all-weather iced coffee drinkers, Urbun serve theirs year-round. How satisfying is that slow-mo pour?!

Kale + Coco 

An apple iced coffee a day keeps the doctor away. Kale + Coco saw the sun and jumped at the chance to bring their summer special back… and for that, we thank them.

Groundstate Coffee

Coffee, yoga, brunch – Groundstate has it all. An iced coffee and one of their new Bánh mi Blaas sounds like just the ticket.

Container Coffee

Experts in all things coffee-related, you’ll find Container Coffee down on Thomas Street. Rumour has it their iced versions are best enjoyed with one of their Kinder Bueno cookies so best test that theory out.

Pepper Laine

Served in a compostable cup, with a matching compostable lid and a paper straw – you won’t feel bad about picking up an iced coffee from Pepper Laine.

Little Honey 

Not only do little honey serve up the most delicious cakes and treats, they’ve also nailed the Iced Caramel Latte. The caramel drizzle on the inside of the cup is an ace move.


Iced latte season has most definitely arrived at Fia. Just look at the milky legs on this baby!

Good weather calls for iced coffee – I don’t make the rules. Where will you be getting yours this weekend?

Lead Image via Instagram/Hatch and Instagram/Meet Me In The Morning 

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