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14th Jul 2021

Cool down with this Kinder Bar Iced Latte this weekend!

Lynda Keogh

With the weekend ahead set to be an absolute cracker – we’re not built for this weather and will be needing everything on ice pleaaaasee.

This combination of our favourite childhood treat, coffee – our daily saviour and ice to cool us down; is nothing short of bloody magical.

Fable and Stey is a much-loved cafe in Blackrock. It’s well known for it’s delicious baked goods, incredible sambos and great banter. However, this weekend we reckon they could be on everyone’s list because of this bad boy in particular…

We would like to introduce – an Iced Kinder Latte. Our inner child is screaaaaaming. WE NEED. YOU NEED. Yes, just yes.

*insert multiple drool emojis*

Have you tried one yet?! We need to know!

Lead Image via Instagram/fableandstey

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